Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gloomy 3rd Marathon

I can hardly believe that I'll be running my 3rd marathon race in 8 days (counting training runs, it will be the 5th time I'll cover that distance). I've come such a long way since running that first mile, and I still have a hard time accepting it sometimes, but I'm embracing the new me. 

I ran my last long run this morning: 9 miles in temps in the low 40s and it was wonderful. One of the things that I love most about training for a marathon (or 3) is how it teaches me determination. Aside from snow, I've run in pretty much every weather Florida has to offer, and not once do I recall considering skipping those runs. 

Take the forecast below. The race is still over a week away, and knowing how fickle Florida weather is, I'm not freaking out (too much yet). But when I saw there is a 60% change of rain for race day, my heart sank a little. 

I've run in rain before, so I'm ready for that.  But cold rain is another story.  I could not believe that I could possibly have another race where the weather was against me, but my thoughts never turned to not running the race. They immediately turned to strategizing about how I would get through the race. What gear do I have that I can wear to make this less miserable? Hey, maybe I can put that new jacket I got for volunteering at Disney to good use! But will it be too warm? Oh well, I have options, and 8 more days for the weather to change so no sense in worrying about it now. I'll fret next Saturday :) 


Lizbeth Lieberman said...

I'm sure the weather will always does here in FL. I'll pray to the weather gods for you and you're going to have a great race regardless.

Kimberly Krebs said...

My PR for a half marathon was in 40 degrees and steady drizzle. At least you won't be hot!! :)

Kitzzy said...

Thanks! Yeah, it has already improved a lot but it keeps changing. Oh well, I will make the most of it no matter what :)

Kitzzy said...

True! However, now it seems to have shifted from cold and rainy, to possibly warm. But whatever, I'm going to focus on enjoying the experience and let the chips fall where they may :)

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