Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recap: Week 2 2012

This week was much better than last week because I'm finally on the mend and was able to get back into my routine. I ran with my group all 3 days, despite the freezing temps, and it felt great. I even did a little bit of track work :) I'm thrilled that I walked almost as much as I ran, and was able to fit in a bike ride today. And oh how great it is to be doing yoga again =)

I'm not setting specific goals for next week, other than to take it easy as I taper for marathon #3 on Sunday. I'll keep up with plank a day, do two easy runs, and focus on lots of yoga to stay limber and avoid injury.

Week 2: Jan 9-15

  • ran 18 miles
  • walked 16 miles
  • biked 10 miles
  • yoga/core - 2h 15 (includes plank a day of at least 30-60s)

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