Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Things Thurday: Ocala Marathon Edition

  1. Weather - A few days ago I was afraid it was going to be cold and rainy on race day, then almost over night the forecast changed to 0% chance of rain. Hooray! But I knew better than to celebrate too soon. Now it looks like it might be too warm, and one site predicts 95% humidity at 6 am. I GIVE UP! I don't even know why I bother checking the weather every day because it doesn't change anything. I am still running this race no matter what, and is not like I need to know before race morning to secure proper gear because I have everything I need to run this race in any weather. So whatever.
  2. Taper Madness - I think the taper gremlins finally got me with the phantom aches and pains. I had a crappy run last night, but I wore old shoes so I'm blaming that. I did yoga after it, and also this morning, and feel fine now. I'm not letting it deter me. I've done a great job all week on focusing on getting enough sleep, and doing lots of yoga ... in that order.  Otherwise, I'm relatively calm. As the day grows ever closer though, my anxiety rises. But really, this is just another training run, right? ;) But here is the problem with that: it's my last training run before marathon #4 three weeks later, where I plan to go all out, so I'm starting to get anxious about that one because it's less than a month away! Yikes! Ok, I'm good. I'll fret about that one next week ;)
  3. Medal - Here's a pic of this year's medal. I don't dig the colors, but love the horse. I'm sure it will look great in person and even more so after running for 5+ hours :)


ajohnson15 said...

I love the medal! Good luck with the upcoming race...You'll be fine!

Redhead Running said...

Good luck chica!!!!!!!!

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