Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Ever Have I ...

... running edition. EricaH from I Run Because... I Can posted this game on her blog today, and I thought I would play along. She posted 5 running related things that she has never done, and we are to post which ones we've done and then add one of our own. Play along if you'd like and keep it going on your own blog.

Okay so here goes, I bolded the ones I've done, and added my own in italics at the end.
  1. Never ever have I done a marathon 
  2. Never ever have I peed or pooped anywhere other than a restroom during a run or race
  3. Never ever have I puked after a race
  4. Never ever have I lost or blackened a toenail as a result of running (but I am sure it will be a proud day when I do)
  5. Never ever have I run in the snow
  6. Never ever have I shot a snot rocket

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