Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ocala Marathon Pre Race Thoughts & Tracking Info

Well, this is it. Race day eve is here. I'm getting a little more nervous, and starting to worry about important things like what to wear =P I got plenty of sleep last night and hope to go to bed by 8 pm tonight because 4 am will come too soon. The forecast calls for 55ยบ with 86% humidity at the start, mostly cloudy all day, and mid 70s by the time I finish. I'll take that! I'm as ready as I'll ever be, so let's do this!

Track Me

I'll run with my iPhone and Runmeter will post my splits to Twitter, Facebook, and Dailymile along with a link to a google map where you can track me in real time.
  • The map will update every 5 minutes. 
  • Dailymile, Facebook and Twitter will update every 5 miles. 
  • I'll be able to hear your comments on all 3 of those sites; your happy thoughts and words of encouragement will be most welcomed. 
  • The race starts at 7 am, and I should be done sometime after noon, so you can sleep in and check in on me after you wake up :)

I really want to treat this as a training run and just have fun like I did at OUC. I'm trying to lower my expectations, ignore my pace, and just run by feel and see where the chips fall. As of now, I plan to run with only my phone tucked in my pocket for at least the the 1st loop. I'll start with 1/1 intervals and see how I feel by the 2nd loop. 

I'd like to at least finish faster than Space Coast (5:43:16), which should not be a problem if I don't do something stupid. If the stars align, I'd love to PR with anything under 5:22 (~ 12:12 pace), but I'm not going to sweat it. I gotta keep my eye on the prize: finish without getting injured so I can give it my all at BCM and become a marathon maniac :) 

Wish me luck and tune in tomorrow from 7 am - 1 pm to cheer me on. 

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