Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap: Goals Update

Run/walk 1100 miles (run 700) - Yup! I ran 922 miles and walked 430 miles for a total of 1352 miles!

Bike 2000 miles - I focused more on my running this year, so I only biked 884 miles. That's nearly half of what I biked last year, but my true love is running so that's ok with me. I plan to bike a little bit more in 2012.

Run a 5K in 31 minutes (or PR) - Yup! New PR is 30:26. I think 2012 may finally be the year for the sub-30 5K :)

Run 2nd Marathon - It wasn't pretty, but I did it! :)

Complete an olympic distance duathlon - I did a sprint instead. Maybe in 2012, but I want to focus more on my running again so we'll see.

Use car less than 4000 miles - This was a very aggressive goal and we did not quite meet it, but we drove the car 2,844 less than last year: 7,713 in 2011 vs 10,557 in 2010. This is actually really amazing when you consider that in 2010 we lived without a car for 4 months, so we made more efficient use of the car last year. When you average the miles per month, we drove 1,320/month over the 8 months when we had a car in 2010 vs 643/month over 12 months in 2011. That's less than half per month, so I'm really pleased with that.

Restaurant food budget = $50/mo; $12/wk - Total Fail. My monthly average was over 2x that. I really want to cut down on our restaurant spending in 2012.

Cook 90% of my meals (restaurant meals = 9/mo; 2/wk) - I stopped keeping track, but we've been cooking a lot of our meals. I have 126 restaurant transactions in Mint, so that averages out to 10.5/mo or 2.4/wk so that's not bad. I know there were a few more outings that I did not pay for and thus don't have on my tally, but I don't think my average was more than 11/mo.

Complete 40 items from 101 Thing list (for a total of 75) - I haven't paid too much attention to this lately and have only completed 43 items total so far. I got a lot of catching up to do in the next 9 months.

Read 12 books - Nope. I don't think I read a single book in 2011 :-/ 

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