Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Ramble

I'm keeping this short, and in bullet form, because it's been a really long day and I can't shake what seems to be the beginnings of a migraine.
  • Woke up earlier than I have all week to volunteer at the Disney Marathon Expo, handing out Cheer Squad packets for 5 hours. 
  • Met fellow blogger and Galloway group leader Kim, from Somewhere in the Sun, and her husband Todd for the first time today, who are in town for the Disney Marathon Relay. We shared running stories and successes with the program over lunch. I love how running brings people together. 
  • Skipped the First Friday bike ride tonight to rest in hopes of helping the migraine go away. So far, no dice.
  • Remembered the plank-a-day challenge as I was writing this post, so I paused and planked to keep the streak alive. I'm up to 45 seconds now. 
  • Really looking forward to my long run tomorrow, because I get to run again since Sunday, and I  get to run with my group again after 2 weeks. 
  • Good luck to everyone running Disney this weekend!


Kimberly Krebs said...

It was awesome to meet you!!! :)

Kitzzy said...

You too! So glad you had such a great race!

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