Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunrise Run

After a week off, I had a great long run with my group this morning. It was a gorgeous morning and 10 of us set out at 6 am despite it being an OYO weekend because of the Disney races. It was great to see familiar faces again, and some we had not seen in weeks or even months! 

I was scheduled for 15-16 miles, but since I raced a half marathon last week and I've been sick this week, I was only going to run 10ish. Well, one thing led to another and I somehow ran a half marathon :) Many of us are running Ocala in 2 weeks, so we mixed things up by running up a parking garage to get in some hills. We were rewarded with this gorgeous sunrise.

We finished strong with a hilly 4 miles. The weather was perfect, so we ran faster than I expected. I love that I can now run a sub-2:40 half marathon, including hills, as a training run. I remember when not too long ago that was race pace. Total: 13.12 miles, time 2:39:46, average 12:11,

I hung around chatting for a while after the run, then went for an easy bike ride with Jason to the Farmer's Market. I'm a tad sore, and I'm sure my legs will hate me after spending all day on my feet volunteering at the Disney marathon tomorrow, but it will be worth it to see all my running pals cross that finish line. Better get some rest now because 3 am will come far too soon. 

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