Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HYC Check In

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For my HYC visitors, here is a list of my accomplishments since last week's check in (linked to relevant posts for details):

- Completed C25k (can run 30+ minutes straight - hope to run 5km on Sunday)
- Ran 2.5 miles yesterday in under 33 minutes
- Fit into a size 2 skirt (pants are still at least a 4)
- 20 lbs gone!
- Had another truly Meatless Monday yesterday (I need to write a post about this. I made tofu for the first time, and it was quite yummy)

Progress so far on this week's goals:

- Run 2.5 miles without walking [DONE]
- Bike at least 12 miles [none yet, maybe tonight]
- Run/walk at least 10 miles [5.63]
- Lift weights at least 1 day [none yet, maybe tonight]
- Yoga at least 1 day [none yet, maybe tonight]
- Eat out at most twice [went to Sweet Tomatoes for Brunch on Sunday]

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Anonymous said...

Go Girl! Fantastic accomplishments! (I think I was born a size 2, LOL!)Keep it up!

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