Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HYC Check In & Fitness Update

I keep forgetting to post these on Sunday. Oh well, better late than never :) Maybe is best that I post them on Tuesday so they coincide with my HYC Check In. I didn't meet all my goals last week because I went camping and didn't bike to work 2 days due to having to go to the doctor and camping. It was still a pretty good week though, and now I am ready to take on the new week at full force. I started off great with a 3.5 miles long run yesterday morning.

Accomplishments for week 6/15 - 6/21:
  • [9.66] Biked: 9.66 miles
  • [7] Run/walk: 7 miles
  • [pre/post run poses] Yoga: 45+ mins (20 or 45 min sessions)
  • [7] Meatless Meals: 3+ for lunch or dinner (breakfast is always meatless)
  • [4] Eat Out: <=5 (this means eating out AND leftovers)
  • [✔] Push Ups: Week 1 (3 days) of Push Ups Challenge
  • [✔] Crunches: Week 1 (3 days) of Crunches Challenge
  • [✔] Water: 64+ oz per day (averaged 90 oz/day)
Goals for this week (6/22 - 28)

Run/Walk10 miles4 miles
Bike16 miles5.58 miles
Meatless Meals50% of 3 main meals/day (10/21)5/6 = 83%
Home Cooked Meals75% of 3 main meals/day (15/21)7/9 = 78%
Push Ups18550
Veggies/Fruit Servings21 (3/day)6.5
Water448 oz (64+ per day)202 oz

I'll leave you with these before and after photos (so I can show off my new haircut and highlights ;)

Before: 12/18/07
I don't have an exact weight for this date, but I have a recorded weight of 157 lbs on 11/15/07 and 152 lbs on 1/29/08, so it was somewhere in there.

ahh ... that's better (by Kitzzy)

After: 6/22/08
My weight is currently hovering around 133 lbs. So this is what a 20+ loss looks like :)

day188: new hairdo (by Kitzzy)

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Irish Mom said...

Wow!! What a change, you can really tell in your face!! Love your hair, too cute!!

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