Friday, June 6, 2008

2.85 Miles! (W10D3 - W8D1 revisited)

Last night I convinced myself I would have to take today off from running because my body needed a rest, so when I woke up at 6 a.m. I just went back to sleep. When I finally got up, I realized I felt great and my legs didn't even hurt. Damn it! I could have ran, but now it was too late, so I got ready and rode my bike to work.

After a light dinner of fish and sweet potato, I anxiously killed time and finally went out to run around 7:30 p.m. It was still a little warm but I was itching to get out there. The run went pretty good. This is still not a walk in the park, but I always feel amazing when I finish and realize what I've just done. I ran 2.85 miles today. Let me say that again.

I RAN 2.85 MILES!!

Who the hell is this person? I don't recognize myself any more. Every time I finish a run lately, while I am walking that 1/2 mile to cool down, I am in awe of myself and how far I've come in just 10 weeks. I have no doubt that by next Saturday I will be more than ready to run that entire 5K.

Splits (pace):
mile 1 = 14:29
mile 2 = 14:08
finish (.85) = 13:17
Total: 2.85 miles in 39:53 minutes, avg pace: 13:58
With the warm up and cool down walk, I covered a total of 3.76 miles

Yeah, I know I could have pushed myself and just done the 3, but I was pushing myself from 2.5 and since I had only set my watch for 3 miles I realized that if I did 3 it would bother me that I didn't just go the extra .1 (if I hit 3 and kept going I wouldn't have accurate data--yes I am that OCD =P) Anyway, I exceeded my goal for today, and I still have 2-3 more runs where I'll hit that 5k mark before the race so I am thrilled with 2.85 miles today.


Viviane said...

Congrats, that's amazing! I have been taking a little break from running in the past couple of days (I was supposed to do W5D3 yesterday, instead I am doing it tomorrow) because of rain / finals / being tired, but I will be back at it tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a good run.

Hope you are still planning to run the V5K. I just wanted to let you know that I put up a little questionnaire thingy for people running the Virtual 5K. It is meant to set you up to share some details about yourself and your running with the other V5K runners. If you have a chance pop by and check it out. I’ll link to your response, just let me know you did it. Find it HERE

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