Thursday, June 12, 2008


day177: wipeout (by Kitzzy)
Yesterday I fell off my bike when I got to work and bruised my knee. Although the bruise hurt a lot, it did not seem to affect my mobility. However, this morning I feel like I was hit by a truck. My hips and butt feel like they are bruised too and pretty much my entire body hurts. I didn't really feel like this fall was that bad, but I can't think of what else happened yesterday that may be causing these pains. I suppose it could also be late effects from Tuesday's run.

I am taking it easy today and tomorrow, which means no biking or kickboxing, and hoping it all works itself out of my system for Saturday morning's race. I can't help but think that I overdid it and now I am going to pay for it. I know I'll still be able to run the entire race on Sat, as long as these aches go away, but I am no longer sure of the speed. I am just going to focus on running the whole thing and finishing. There will always be other races and my health is more important. I may go for a walk tonight or tomorrow to loosen up my muscles, and because I may go crazy if I just sit around and do nothing.

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