Thursday, June 26, 2008

Running on consecutive days

I don't think I am ready to run 5 days a week, which means running 2-3 days in a row, or I need to lower my millage for the short runs. I only managed to run 1.5 miles this morning (+ .5 mile cool down walk). I was just really tired and didn't want to do any more. It could just be that I really stressed my body yesterday with the speed intervals and I need to take it even easier the day after, at least until my body gets used to that . I also bike an average of 4.5 miles a day (rountrip to work). I need to find some kind of balance or do more yoga or sleep more. Maybe I just need to adjust my schedule so I don't run the day after speed intervals or shorten my short run at the end of the week.

Here is what I am thinking for the next week or so (this is only the running schedule and does not include biking to/from work every weekday or the push ups/crunches on MWF).
  • Fri: rest/yoga
  • Sat: Virtual 5K (long run)
  • Sun: rest/yoga
  • Mon: 2 mi
  • Tue: speed intervals*
  • Wed: rest/yoga
  • Thu: 2 mi
  • Fri: 1.5 - 2 mi
  • Sat: rest/yoga
  • Sun: long run (4 miles?)
* speed intervals = .5 mi warm up jog; 3 x .25 mi hard/.25 mi walk; .5 mi cool down jog/walk

I think what it amounts to is taking it one day at a time to allow for flexibility as long as I follow the pattern below. This would ensure I am not running more than 2 days in a row and I have a rest day before and after the long run:
  • long run
  • rest
  • short run
  • speed intervals
  • rest
  • short run
  • short run
  • rest
At some point I'll probably start an actual 10K program or 1/2 marathon program, but I am having surgery July 14th to remove a benign cyst from my left shoulder blade that will mean no running for 2 weeks (I am dreading this so much). I figured I'll just keep doing this for now and start a new program once I am cleared to run again. This will help me build a good base before I officially start training for the 10K. I am also considering a duathlon at the end of August, but we'll see how badly that break from running affects me.

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