Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm going to feel this tomorrow

Summary of today's activity
  • run/walk: 2.65 miles
  • bike: 4.58 miles
  • push ups: 54
  • crunches: 108
  • squats w/weights: 10
  • plank: 30s (modified)
Great Start
Today started great (except for the fact that I did not wake up in time to run). I was ecstatic that I weighed 131.4 this morning--finally showing a .6 loss since my 132 weigh-in on 5/30. Ever since then, it has either stayed the same or gone up and hovered near 133. We'll see if that holds tomorrow--I somehow doubt it. I drank 24 ounces of water, ate an oatmeal bar and banana for breakfast, and ate a tuna sandwich for lunch, all before noon. But, then ...

"Fried" Ice Cream, Yikes!
Jason said they were going to Maria Bonita (local mexican restaurant) with a friend of ours from Melbourne that is in town. I decide to go and just munch on some chips and salsa and maybe a bite of his food. I figured that since I had already eaten, and I am not a big fan on Mexican food anyway, it would be ok. WRONG! I got a free chicken soup (it comes with every meal--and apparently even if you don't order anything), which was actually really good. But then I spend the rest of the time eyeing the dessert menu and order "fried" ice cream. Is basically a ball of vanilla ice cream, covered in crumpled graham crackers and corn flakes (they supposedly then deep fry this but I had them skip that part). It was SOOO good. Thankfully, I had 3 guys to helped me eat it, but I should have just stayed in my office.

Running, Take I
I had every intention of running on my way home from work, but since we leave tomorrow after work to camp, I needed the bike at home to switch out my tires. So I rode my bike home and promptly went for a run before the rain started. The rain decided to just stay away and it was so hot that all I managed was 1 mile, but I also was running pretty fast (12:41).

Push Ups/Crunches
So I came home and did day 2 of the push ups/crunches challenge. I decided that it would bother me to be in different weeks for crunches, so I am going to do the same week/day for both and just double the numbers for crunches. This was tough, but totally doable. Last time we did the entire push up workout and then the crunches workout. This time I had the brilliant idea of alternative between the two so I would do the crunches during the push ups rest and vice versa. I also did a modified plank for 30 seconds. I was exhausted when I finished, and I could only do the minimum for the max level for a total of 54 push ups and 108 crunches. Not sure if the alternating thing was a bad idea, or if it was just that I had biked 2 miles and ran a mile before this workout.

Running, Take II
Once the sun disappeared, and my dinner settled a bit, I went for another mile run in a light drizzle. It was kind of nice running in the rain, but I don't think I could do it if it was any heavier. I just don't like being wet and cold. I ran this one a lot slower (14:35), but it felt great. Man I had missed running. This is the first time I run since Saturday. I am hoping to get up tomorrow morning and run some more since I've been a slacker lately. We'll see how that goes.

Goals Update
  • [9.66/16] Bike: 16+ miles
  • [3/10] Run/walk: 10+ miles
  • [0/45] Yoga: 45+ mins (20 or 45 min sessions)
  • [2/3] Meatless Meals: 3+ for lunch or dinner (breakfast is always meatless)
  • [4/5] Eat Out: <=5 (this means eating out AND leftovers)
  • [2/3] Strength: week 1 (3 days) of Push Ups & Crunches Challenge
  • [4/7] Water: 64+ oz per day

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