Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 1 of Push Ups/Crunches Challenge

After much deliberation, I decided to do the push up challenge with modified push ups first so I could actually get through the program. I did another test this morning and managed 18 modified push ups. I probably could have pushed it to 20, but either way I would still be at rank 3.

So I did week 1-day 1-column 3 (w1d1c1) this afternoon and I made it. Jason and I alternated counting for each other so we could rest while the other did each level. The first 2 levels were easy enough (well, easy is relative). It definitely got harder at the end, and I didn't know where I was going to find the strength to do at least 7 for the last level. But after my boyfriend pushed his max to 20, I had to try for at least 10, and I did it!

I am using the same progression for crunches, but since I could do 25 in a row this morning, I started on week 3-day 1-column1 (w3d1c1). Jason thinks I may not be coming up far enough, but I think he was actually doing sit ups, while I was doing crunches. But it makes me wonder because I got through this fairly easily and managed a max of 20 at the end. Maybe I should have just started in column 2?

Below are my current stats for both. For the "Max" row, the number in parenthesis denotes how many of the total listed is above the minimum required for that day. I sure like seeing that total number at the end there. I think that is what will keep me going through this process. Regardless of how many we are doing in a row, that total number is going to go up every single day we do this and that is pretty damn empowering and encouraging.


VersionModified Push-UpsCrunches
Rank3 (18 in a row)3 (25 in a row)
Max10 (+3)20 (+5)
Total44 (+18=62)69 (+25=94)

If you are taking on the challenge, be sure to sign up and be listed on the site. Also, there is an LJ community for each to share your progress and stay motivated: [info]100_pushups and [info]100_crunches .

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Girl with a Problem said...

Congrats on your first day of the challenge. Great your boyfriend is doing it with you, that's always a good motivator.

Thanks also for the links to the communities. I've saved them to my favorites and will be dropping by later.

Have a great week!

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