Monday, June 9, 2008

Meatless Monday Update

I've had great success with Meatless Monday the past few weeks. At first, I was just eating seafood instead of beef, pork, or chicken; but the last few weeks I've had no meat at all on Mondays. The nice side effect is that I often end up having at least a meatless lunch the next day (and breakfast because I never have meat for breakfast). So here is what I ate instead.

6/9 Food Log:

breakfast: banana, oatmeal to go bar
lunch: morningstar basil and tomato pizza burger, raw yellow squash
dinner: pesto tomato pasta w/morning star Grillers Recipe Crumbles
snacks: teddy grahams, quaker granola bar, ice cream with teddy grahams

6/2 Food Log:

breakfast: banana
lunch: pita pizza
dinner: tofu and veggie stir fry, white rice
snacks: goldfish, chocolate covered almonds

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