Tuesday, June 10, 2008

5k Run #2: 40:56

I don't typically run when I get home because 1) it is usually too hot and 2) I don't want to run after biking 2 miles (~ 14 minutes). However, it rained today and when I got home it was nice and overcast. The clouds looked like they were moving in the opposite direction, so I set out to run. I do not know why, but I could not get my stride today. I struggled through the whole thing. It seemed that the faster I ran, the farther the finish got. It was nice and cool, so it was not the heat. Maybe it was the wind, or that I was running a tad faster, or maybe I was more tired from the bike ride than I thought. I also don't think I am used to my new shoes yet.

Anyway, I ran 3.1 miles again, so now I know I can do this and the first time was not a fluke =P Here are my split times from today compared to Monday.

Avg Pace12:5212:38

As you can see, even though it did not feel like it as I was running, I did it faster too: almost 1 1/2 minutes faster. If I can just shave off one more minute, I can run a sub-40 5k! I think I can do that :) Though I need to remember that it will be a lot hotter on Saturday, so I shouldn't be disappointed if I it takes me longer.

When I started walking, I felt a slight twinge on my right knee; it was nothing major but I was conscious of it. I think I was overcompensating for this the whole time so I would not get hurt and my stride suffered (it did not really hurt when I was running but I think I was being overly cautious so it wouldn't). This knee (on top and just below the knee actually) tends to act up from time to time, so I think is overuse. As much as I want to, I don't think I'm going to run again until Saturday because I do not want to risk injury and not be able to run Sat. I would be so mad if that happened. I think I will stick to my biking and just go for an easy walk on Thursday. Maybe do a bit of strength training on the knee. What are good exercises for that? Squats and lunges, right?


Anonymous said...

You're doing great. Take care of that Knee! Good Luck on the 5k this Sat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your running. You're right not to run again until Saturday - your knee needs a rest and you're well prepared for yoru race.

Thanks for your support on my blog.

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