Friday, February 3, 2012

Recap: January 2012

January was an awesome month and a great start to 2012. I have no doubt that February will be just as good. I'll let the stats speak for themselves, with a bit of commentary along the way. :)

Stats & Goal Progress (8%)
  • Run: 101 / 1000 miles (10%) - 3rd time ever running 100+ miles in 1 month, and that means I'm ahead of my goal. w00t! I'll probably be under my goal of 85/mo next month since I'll be taking it a bit easier after the marathon, but we'll see how things shake out. 
    • time: 20.5 hours
    • avg pace: 11:25 
  • Walk: 54 / 500 miles (11%) - monthly PR as far as I can tell. I've been really focusing on walking as active recovery and because I really enjoy it, and the weather is perfect for it. I need to take advantage of it while I can before it gets too hot to walk to the bus without bringing a change of clothes to work. 
  • Bike: 43 miles; 4 / 52 times (8%) - no PRs here, but glad I got out once a week as planned. I think this will go up throughout the summer because I'll be helping my group do some brick workouts, and I may even try a duathlon or triathlon before year's end. 
  • Yoga: 10 / 120 hours (8%) - right on target! I've been enjoying this a lot, but I may have to slow down a bit in lieu of sleep and so I don't over stretch muscles, but I may just vary the routine a bit more to target different areas. 
  • Core: plank a day (40m total) - So glad this is over lol I'm take a little bit of a break, but plan to keep doing it a few times a week. 
  • Drove: 622 / 6500 miles (10%) - A little more than planned, but not too bad considering the circumstances. I'll write a separate post about my thoughts on this goal later. 
  • Dinning Out: 8x; $91 / $80 - A little high, but not too bad. I'll write a separate post about my thoughts on this goal later. 
    • Restaurants - $60 / $60 
    • Snacks/Sweets - $32 / $20 
January Accomplishments

Goals for February


KLETCO said...

Great month!! You are REALLY getting the miles in!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks! I am trying. Endurance = speed :)

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