Thursday, February 16, 2012

TTT: 26.2 with Donna Recovery Week Edition

#1 Recovery - I can tell how much of a different it makes to take a post-run ice bath and walking the day after the race. I didn't do either of those of things this time, opting to instead lay in bed most of the day on Monday, and I felt like someone had beat my legs with a baseball bat for much longer than usual; my quads and hamstrings felt bruised and hurt to the touch through Tuesday night. Once I started moving on Tuesday, icing with my compression pants, and spun my legs on a leisurely bike ride, I felt a ton better. Most of the soreness was gone yesterday and today I only have minor residual soreness in a few spots. Have I mentioned that the Galloway method is magic? ;)

#2 Running - I could barely walk Tuesday without wincing in pain, and running was out of the question (see #1). This morning, it was a different story. I slept in a little and ran with Jason instead of my group. He promised to run at my pace (uh huh) and we did 1:1 intervals. We took it easy, but Jason's easy doesn't always equal mine. Our average pace was 12:39 for 2.5 miles, which is a bit faster than I've done in recent recovery runs, but it felt fine. I felt slight soreness in a few key areas, but overall it felt great. I'll be tackling 6 easy miles this weekend. I can't say enough good things about the Galloway method and it's ability to allow me to recover switfly after even the hardest of efforts.  

#3 Race Report - I'm still processing and writing it, plus I was waiting for official photos which just got released. I keep remember more things I want to include. It might be a bit long, but I like to be inclusive so you can get the full picture of my experience and learn from it.  If you have a burning question you'd like me to answer in my report, about the race itself, the course, the pacers, etc, leave a comment so I can address it. I hope to post the race report this weekend, as well as a recap of my training that lead to it.

Bonus - I put on a few pounds this weekend, though I know most of that is water retention from sore muscles, but I'm sure Valentine's Day goodies contributed. I may be over chocolate and girl scout cookies for a bit. Ha! Who am I kidding? :p

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