Thursday, February 2, 2012

TTT: Burpees, Taper/Recovery, Juice Fast

Burpee February Challenge - I've started another crazy challenge this month, courtesy of Maddy. The challenge is simple: do the number of burpees that corresponds to the day of the month. February 1st, do 1 burpee, February 2nd, do 2 burpees ... all the way to February 29th: 29 BURPEES! So far, so good! But it will be interesting when I have to do 12 on marathon day lol If I wasn't running this for time, I'd do one at each mile marker for the first 12 miles. It should at least be a good warm up before the race :) It's not too late to join the challenge, just do 3 today and jump right in. Here's a video showing you what a burpee is and a beginner version.

Taper/Recovery - This is a weird time because I'm recovering from Ocala and tapering for BCM, so I'm trying to take get in quality workouts and really listen to my body when it tells me to take it easy. Tuesday I woke up with a bit of pain near my hip/glute. I warmed up and it felt ok, so I did a speedy 3 miles at 30s faster than race pace. I didn't think I had that in me, but somehow pulled of a 10:52 average pace with perfect negative splits. I wore my compression capris under my jeans to work and iced on the bus and at work. It was angry most of the day, and I felt a bit run down, so I slept in Wednesday and skipped my typical yoga routine to give everything a rest. I did yoga on the bus, but that's mostly upper body with a few gentle seated hip openers. This morning I felt much better, but I skipped the track just in case in favor of an easy 4 mile run on the road. It was a little tough because I'm not used to 2:30/1 intervals, but I busted out an 11:20 pace, 7s faster than race pace. It was a beautiful morning, so that surely helped. I chatted a bit too long with Laura so I did not have time for yoga before heading to the bus, but I did it at the bus again. I love that!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - We saw this movie last week as part of January's Challenge for a Change - Healthy Eating. It was an interesting movie, and seeing the transformations in such a short time was incredible, but I could not shake the feeling at the end of the film that it was just an hour and a half long commercial for the juice fast. Not to mention that anything that shows loosing that much weight that fast scares me. It causes people to expect that as normal weight loss when losing more than 1-2 lbs per week for most people is unhealthy and borderline dangerous.

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