Saturday, February 11, 2012

26.2 with Donna Pre-Race Thoughts & Virtual 12athon

Well, this is it! In less than 12 hours I'll be toeing the line of my 4th marathon, and I'm so ready. Today has been a super busy day. I've been up and going non-stop for the past 12 hours and I'm so ready to get some shut eye. I'll have no problem falling asleep before 8 pm, which is good because I'll be up before 4 am to get ready and catch the shuttle to the start. I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone at the Galloway tent and meeting my pace group. Since the weather will be favorable (though maybe too cold), I'm going for it and running with the 5 hour pace group. Hopefully that is the right choice but I won't know unless I try. I am fully prepared to fall back into the 5:15 pace group if it's too aggressive because I also want to make sure I have fun. I'm pretty sure I'll be running with my camera to capture the journey, and I'll also have my iPhone to hear your comments.

Track Me!
  • See for official tracking information. You can track me on that site or via the iPhone app where you can see my progress on a map and these splits: 5, 10, 1/2, 15, 20, and finish.
  • Runmeter will post my splits to Facebook every 5 miles and I'll be able to hear your comments, so your words of encouragement will be most welcomed!
Virtual 12athon

In addition to the marathon, I'm participating in the Virtual 12athon tomorrow. The main goal is to run 12 miles on the 12th. I easily got that covered, but the fun is in trying to do as many bonus challenges as possible. There are a ton of bonus challenges to choose from, and below are the ones I'm going to attempt:
  • Galloway - run/walk
  • Sunrise - see sunrise during run
  • 12 Runners - get 11 runners to run 12 miles with you. 
  • Masquerade - run in a costume based on a holiday in that month
Galloway and sunrise are gimmes, but the other 2 will require a bit of creativity because I need to document it. I am running this race with a pace group, so I'm hoping it is big enough and at least 12 remain by the 12 mile mark. I just need to figure out how to get them all in a photo in the middle of a marathon lol The other one is not quite as hard but with the weather curve ball I am not sure. I am wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness, which is the purpose of the race, but not sure if that will be good enough or if I need to wear something depicting valentine's day too. I had socks I tried to turn into leg warmers but that didn't pan out, so we'll see if the pink is enough.


Christyruns said...

Good luck! I will have to check out the runmeter. How cool to get to hear the comments and how motivating!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks! I highly recommend Runmeter. It is a great iPhone app and I love being able to hear or read comments during those later miles when I can use all the encouragement I can get.

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