Sunday, February 12, 2012

26.2 with Donna Highlights and Virtual 12athon Report

My Wonderful Pacers!
Had 3.5 quality hours of sleep, followed by 3 tossing and turning.

Feels like temp at start, with the wind chill, was under 20; high of 40 +wind chill at the finish.

Amazing support: signs, cheer squads, crowds, water, Gatorade, Gu, and random food from residents. But I was working too hard to partake of anything but GUs.

Amazing pacers, even if a little fast.

Gorgeous course, including 2 windy miles on the beach. The hard-packed sand was perfect!

Finished in 4:52:14, a 29:15 PR.

Ran 2:1 intervals through Mile 25.

I now qualify for Marathon Maniacs with 3 marathons (and 2 PRs) in 77 days!

I felt great and ran strong to the end. Other than a bit of soreness, I feel really good and I'm waking mostly normal. Galloway is magic! :)

Completed Virtual 12athon Challenge during the race with the following bonus challenges: galloway (2/1 intervals), sunrise (race started at 6:30; sunrise At 7:07), 12 Runners (ran with pace group and well over 12 of us were still together at mile 12 ); masquerade (dressed in all pink in support of breast cancer awareness, which was the purpose of the race). And I got bonus style points for the huge PR and becoming a marathon maniac despite the deep freeze for a total of 62.2 points! :)


Whitney Sutherland said...

Wow Kitzzy! Congrats on your huge PR and becoming a Maniac!!!

KLETCO said...

Great job!!!! You've did awesome! My friend that runs with me finished in 5:05 so she was right behind you!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Kim! It was such a fun race and great experience.

Kitzzy said...

Thanks Whitney! I'm so excited!

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