Saturday, February 25, 2012

Running, Biking, Postcards & Carrot Cake

Today was a great day, starting with a great run and ending with homemade carrot cake :) Let's take it from the top.

Since I can't ever sleep in anymore, I was awake before 5:30 am even though our run wasn't starting until 7 am. But that's ok because it gave me plenty of time to get ready without feeling rushed. I spent a good part of that looking for a pair of knee high socks I wanted to wear that I never did find, but I still had plenty of time to bike to the run start at a leisurely pace. Not that I really had much of a choice because the brutal wind was relentless.

The temp was in the low 60s, perfect for running in a skirt with a long sleeve tech tee. The wind made it feel much colder while on the bike, so I wore the windbreaker jacket I got when I volunteered at the Disney Marathon. I swapped it for the long sleeve tech tee when I got to the school and it was perfect during the run. Towards the end of the 6 miler I was able to run comfortably in just my tank top.

I was originally planning to run 8 miles, since I only ran 6 last week, but then I came to my senses. Last week's 6 miler was for recovery and this week's for taper. I would rather have the extra recovery and fresh legs for Sunday's race than over do it just to get in more miles. We ran today's 6 miles using 2:30/1 intervals, which is what I plan to use for the race, and almost a minute per mile faster than last week. I was feeling it in my legs and hips by the end of the 6 miles and thought it best to not push further. We had several runners join us that had not been out in a while. It was so nice to see them all again and catch up.

By the time I got home at 9:30 am, I had also biked over 9 miles mostly against a headwind. I had errands to run, but I knew I had to change into dry warmer clothes or I'd freeze, so I went home first. I did 25 minutes of yoga as soon as I got home. As usual, I just wing it with the poses I know work best for after a run, but this was a really great yoga session. I was in the zone and was able to flow from one pose to the other stretching out my whole body. I was tempted to do a core/strength workout, but I was getting hungry so I called it quits. After showering and eating breakfast, I got back on my bike to run a few more errands. I was getting tired and the wind wouldn't quit, so I kept it to a minimum.

When I got back home and had lunch, I tackled my daily challenge which was to send out a postcard. This turned into quite the adventure. I've been meaning to participate in for a while now, and this challenge finally  gave me the push to get it done. I had a postcard I bought at the LEGO store in Downtown Disney a long time ago for this that I never sent. I could not find it anywhere, so I went for a walk in search of one -- post office (closed), CVS, Publix, 7-11, random store -- and none sold them. I finally gave up and came home determined to just make my own. I checked one last time where I thought the post card ought to be and there it was all along. I had actually seen it this morning but thought it was something else. So I addressed it to the woman in Taiwan that postcrossing assigned me and is ready to be mailed when I get a stamp on Monday. I'm going to order some post cards with photos of Orlando that I or Jason have taken and send out a few more as soon as they come in.

But my adventure was not for nothing because I picked up some cream cheese frosting to make home made carrot cake. I bought Beth some carrot cake from Publix for her birthday on Friday, and really wanted to try my hand at a healthier version where I knew exactly what went into it. I know that as far as cakes go, carrot cake is far better than most, except for the frosting and all the sugar, but this version is not bad at all. It is made with whole wheat flour, mostly natural ingredients, and the only sweetener is honey. I used finely chopped raw apple instead of the canned pineapple and it turned out great.  Someday I'll try my hand at making the frosting too.

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