Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Penultimate Run & Race Packet

#1 - Penultimate Marathon Training Run: I ran 4 miles easy (11:51 pace) this morning with my group. This will probably be my last run with my group before the race; I plan to sleep in on Thursday and running on my own whenever I wake up -- sadly that will likely be 7 am. It was still pretty humid this morning, but there was a nice breeze that made it really pleasant. The run felt great, but I'm really starting to worry about the weather. It is almost December and it still feels like August should. I am really hoping for a miracle and sub-60ยบ at the race start. At least it's supposed to be partly cloudy and we'll be running next to a river, so I'm hoping for a nice breeze to make it feel cooler.

#2 - Race Packet: I very kind soul from Marathonfest went to Melbourne yesterday and picked up a ton of race packets, so I just had to drive a few miles to her office today to get them. The race shirt this year is blue with short sleeves, and I love it. I was worried it would be too big because someone said they were unisex shirts and theirs was too big. Despite ordering an x-small, I got a small and it fits perfectly. I'm so excited that I'll get to wear it to run after this race :) Last year's long sleeve shirt was nice, but I rarely wear white and it's really not cold enough in Florida for long sleeves most of the time. After seeing my race bib, I started to get (more) anxious and second guessing everything. But then over dinner I somehow settled on an even more aggressive goal. I'll have both pace charts with me and listen to my body. I'll write a whole post about my race strategy later, but the gist of it is I want to enjoy the first half at a comfortably hard pace, and then push to finish strong.  We'll see what I'm made of soon enough.

> Countdown to Launch: 4 Days, 11 hours, 21 minutes, 58 seconds

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