Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ft Lauderdale 13.1 Pre Race Thoughts

I'm running his race as a training run to practice my marathon race pace strategy, but I still plan to do my best and shoot for a slight PR. A few facts to support my goal to PR tomorrow while not jeopardizing my marathon training:
  • I set my half marathon PR of 2:28 (11:19 pace) almost 1 year ago, after coming back from an injury and before I began doing any speed work. 
  • This training cycle has been amazing, filled with consistent and purposeful runs including hills and speed.
  • My target marathon race pace (11:15) will actually be a half marathon PR without the need to go all out. (See why I keep freaking out about this marathon goal?) 
  • I will pay close attention to my body and will pull back if anything doesn't feel right because I am keeping my eye on the the prize so I can do my best at my A race: the marathon.
Ok, enough caveats; let's get specific.
  • My primary goal is 2:24 (sub-11 pace) or anything sub-2:28 for a PR. 
    • pacing strategy: 11:30 or slower through mile 5, speed up to 11:15 by mile 9, then bring it home at sub-11.
  • I considered shooting for 2:21 (10:45 pace)
    • This is what I'll need to run for the 2nd half of the marathon to meet my goal with my chosen negative splits strategy, but I'm terrified of hurting myself. 
    • If the weather is perfect and I feel amazing, I may naturally run that pace, but I don't want to focus too much on it. 
  • A sub 11-pace is already faster than my 4:55 (11:15 pace) marathon goal, but per my magic mile I am capable (under perfect conditions) of: 
    • 4:46 (10:56 pace) for a marathon and 
    • 2:12 (10:06 pace) for a half marathon, 
    • so I am confident that an 11:00 pace is a safe goal. 
Let's see what happens :) 

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