Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun Races

I've got writer's block, so here are a few photos from some of the funnest races I've done, in no particular order. This is not an exhaustive list, just a sampling. (Edit: This post should really be called "Running in Costume" but there are a few where I didn't. But the fact remains, if you want more fun, run in a costume :))

My Running Family @ Watermelon 5K 2010
Watermelon 5K with my Parents - ran whole race with mom
After the race with our well-earned medals!
Halloween Half Marathon - where my love for running skirts began
exhausted but still smiling because I still think I can run up the stairs. ha!
Firefighter Challenge - hardest 11 minutes of my life
Muddy Buddy Orlando
Muddy Buddy Orlando - was so fun to dress up
Duck Duck Goose is ready to go!
UCF Adventure Race -Just Something Different: Bike, Run, Canoe, Ropes

Post-Race Lunch
BCM Relay - Doing this as a family was priceless!

Post Race Photo Shoot
Iron Girl Half Marathon - being all girly and geocached during the race

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