Sunday, November 6, 2011

New York City Marathon

Today I spent the day spectating the New York City Marathon from my couch. It was incredibly  inspiring to watch the elite runners attempt to break course and world records. The weather was apparently the best it's been in years.

The women's race, who started 30 minutes before the rest of the field, was intense. I watched in awe as this women broke off from the pack around mile 2 and ran the entire marathon by herself with a 2 minute lead until the last 10K when 2nd and 3rd place started bridging the gap. Once they were within view, you knew it was going to be an exciting finish as none were going down without a fight. They eventually passed her with a mile to go, and she ended up in 3rd place.

It was heartbreaking to watch, but so inspiring to see their focus and resolve. The leader simply did not have anything left for a final push once they caught up to her, but the other 2 had fresher legs from starting at a slower pace and drafting off each other, so they were able to dig deeper to win. This is exactly why I always stick to a negative splits strategy. The men's race was even better as the pack stayed together well after the halfway mark and it was anyone's guess who'd surge ahead or when. With about 10K to go, the winner broke off and easily won the race with negative splits, and he shattered the course record.

After the broadcast of the elite's finished, I followed my friends' progress online and cheered them on. I hope my positive vibes helped them run strong! :) Seeing and hearing the crowds cheer on the runners made me a little emotional and I can't wait to experience this myself in 2012 or 2013. I am applying to the lottery for the 3rd time this year, but if I do not get in I'm guaranteed entry in 2013. I'm pumped for my marathon in 3 weeks and getting antsy. It's a good thing I have a half marathon next weekend to distract me a little bit longer :)

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