Monday, November 7, 2011

Marathon 2 Training - Week 23

The first week of taper went well and I logged 19 miles of running over 4 days. I may have over done it a little bit on the pace on some of those runs, but I'm being diligent with the yoga and everything feels good. The madness started setting in over the weekend, and I am sure Jason wants marathon day to be here just as much as I do :) Coming up this week, 2 short runs and some walking to/from the bus, then we head down to Fort Lauderdale on Friday for the half marathon. More about my race goals and how to track me later in the week.

Last week's stats:
  • ran 19 miles
  • walked 11 miles
  • 4 yoga sessions (78 minutes)
  • total: 30 miles; 8.5 hours
This week's goals:

  • run 20 miles
  • 5 yoga sessions/1.5 hours
  • half marathon PR

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