Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Run, Yoga, Taper

Running - I had a great run this morning with my group. My goal was race pace (11 min/mi) with 2:1 intervals to remind my legs how to do that for Sunday's race. We actually ran a tad faster than that (10:45), but kept it short and it felt great. It was the confidence booster I needed and got me out of my nervous funk. Bring on this half! I'm ready!

Yoga - I've been rocking yoga all week. I've done at least 15-20 each day, even on the bus :) I'm up to 5 sessions, for a total of almost 2 hours. It's really helping me stay loose and calm me down. My Marathon Stick has also been my best friend this week to roll my hamstrings, quads, and calves at least once a day.

Taper Madness Update - I actually feel better and much calmer since writing that taper madness post. Nervousness has been replaced with ridiculous excitement for Sunday's race. It always helps to vocalize your fears/doubts and reassure yourself that you've done all you can, and that others feel the same. Thanks for all the encouraging words.

I may have figured out a way to carry my phone for the marathon. I'm going I try it next week and see how it goes because I'll need all the encouragement I can get when I'm digging deep during that second half, and I'll also have a camera if I want it.

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