Friday, November 25, 2011

Marathon 2 Training Recap

After yesterday morning's run, marathon training is officially over. All I have to do now is relax and stay healthy for the next 2 days and toe the line on Sunday. This has been my best training season yet, and I have my Galloway group to thank for that. I started doing all my runs with them, not just the Saturday long runs, and the consistency and variety has done wonders for my running. I added speed work this season and still managed to stay relatively injury free; I only dealt with 2 very minor injuries and only missed 2 days of training total!

Here's the 26 weeks of marathon training at a glance. The first week was so low because I was on a cruise, but I still managed to fit in a few short runs on the ship's track. The 42-mile week was when I peaked with my last long run of 31 miles, then I have been tapering ever since. Of course, the last week will include the actual marathon, but we're focusing on training runs in this post. I averaged 20.6 miles per week for the entire training cycle, and I'm thrilled with that.

And here is the 6 months of marathon training at a glance. I was thrilled when I broke 100 miles in September for the first time ever, and then surpassed that by 27 miles in October as my training peaked. I find it funny that November was not my lowest milage month considering I am tapering, but I'm a much stronger runner now and June was me cautiously building back up my marathon base. 


  • ran 536 miles
    • 20.5 avg miles per week
    • 89 avg miles per month
  • ran 108 hours
    • 4 avg hrs per week
    • 18 avg hrs per month
  • 12:05 min/mi average pace (for all runs)
    • long distance runs = 13 - 13:30
    • mid distance runs = 12 - 12:30
    • short runs = 10:30 - 11:30
  • walked 213 miles / 67 hours
    • 8 avg miles / 2.5 hrs per week 
    • 35 avg miles / 11 hrs per month 

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