Friday, November 11, 2011

Chill Day on a Train

Happy Veteran's Day to my dad and all those who fought for our country.

Today was a pretty chill day. We had the day off from work, so I got to sleep in until almost 8 am! :) I started the day with an hour of yoga, and really tried to focus on enjoying it and letting everything else melt away. It was wonderful!

We took the train to Fort Lauderdale for my race this Sunday and spend the weekend with Jason's parents. I love traveling by train. It's usually cheaper than flying and driving. The seats are huge, with plenty of leg room, easy to sleep in, and they have power outlets. The train ride is 5 hours, only 1 more than it would take us to drive, but it is a lot more enjoyable and relaxing.

Tomorrow, other than packet pickup, I have a whole lot of nothing planned. But I really wish the race was tomorrow because I'm getting really antsy to run already! :)

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