Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marathon Recovery Part II

Physically, I'm recovering from this marathon very well. Today I ran 2 slow miles, running 1 minute for every 2 minutes of walking, and walked an additional mile to warm up/cool down. I also did some yoga, lots of icing, and even rode my bike! :) Soreness is almost gone, except for some tender areas near my glutes and hamstrings.

Mentally, I'm still a bit of a mess but putting on a brave face :) I've turn to the data for comfort, as well as planning my racing schedule for the rest of the season. I've been on the verge of registering for at least half a dozen races today, but I've yet to pull the trigger on any. Maybe when Jason gets home we'll both do it. I always say that the best way to battle post-race blues is to have another goal in mind. I do in BCM, but that's almost 3 months away and I need something to focus on sooner. I have a few in mind (OUC, Ocala, DeLeons) but I welcome your race suggestions.

Anyway, let's look at the race data. Below are the official race splits, followed by my mile splits as recorded by my Garmin watch. Note that I turned off auto pause so these splits include potty breaks, but those are part of the race :) You can clearly see when the wheels fell off. I was running a study pace through mile 12, then picked up the pace as we approached the half way mark. That surge of speed, against wicked winds, got us the average pace we needed, but it cost me the rest of the race. I clearly couldn't maintain that pace, and went back to the previous steady pace, but it was too late and then my knee gave out. The official results show that I ran 20 miles in just 4 hours at a 12 min/mi pace. That right there is a PR, so I'll take it :)

Official Splits:

10K - 1:13:06 @ 11:47
Half - 2:35:02 @ 11:50
20 Miles - 4:00:59 @ 12:02
Last 10K - 1:42:17 @ 16:29

Garmin Splits:

1 12:21
2 11:41
3 11:32
4 11:23
5 11:30
6 11:26
7 11:31
8 11:44
9 11:43
10 11:54
11 12:54 (potty break)
12 11:44
13 10:59 (trying to get on pace by the half)
14 11:01 (trying to maintain pace)
15 11:42
16 11:42
17 11:56
18 11:41
19 12:35 (wheels started falling off - last ditch effort)
20 15:11 (wheels gone)
21 16:03
22 17:39
23 15:04
24 16:26
25 17:06
26 16:00
.46   14:23 (final push 

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