Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 47 Recap

This was an amazing week for running, and today marks the end of 30 days of blogging *whew*. Although my combined miles were less than last week, I ran twice as much and without getting hurt. I finally got my half marathon PR and sub-2:30 finish, and I'm still on top of the word. If you missed it, read the Space Coast Half Marathon Race Report for details.

I updated my Running Progression spreadsheet with all my milestone runs and races, showing my progress from when I started 2.5 years ago. It's amazing to see how far I've come!

I'm running the OUC Half Marathon this weekend, which will officially make me a half fanatic. I know a few of you reading this live in Downtown Orlando, so let me know if you are participating in this race (there is also a 5k) or come out to watch and cheer!

Week Totals (rounded)

  • run - 22 miles
  • walk - 9 miles
  • bike - 29 miles
  • total - 60 miles / 9.5 hrs

Workout Summary

See details on Dailymile
  • Monday - biked 29 miles (work)
  • Tuesday - ran 3 miles; walked 2.5 miles
  • Wednesday - nothing
  • Thursday - ran 3 miles; walked 1.5 miles
  • Friday - ran 3 miles
  • Saturday - walked 2 miles
  • Sunday - ran 13.1 miles; walked 3 miles

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