Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm too tired to write anything of substance, so a bullet post it is! :)

  • How is it only Tuesday? It feels more like a Thursday.
  • I guess it kinda is because Thursday is a paid holiday at work and we are taking a day off on Friday to enjoy a four-day weekend
  • Tomorrow is a half day at work because we're having a work picnic in the afternoon. Looks like we'll have great weather for it. 
  • I've packed a lot into these two days and I'm utterly exhausted, so this mini vacation will be a welcomed break. 
  • I ran after work yesterday and it felt great running in the cooler weather. 
  • We went to Disney's Boardwalk last night to hang out with a friend from out of town, and it turned into a mini high school reunion, so I was up past my bed time =P
  • I biked to work on my road bike today; it makes such a difference in the effort required, but my back hates it.
  • No getting enough sleep + biking to work + a day full of meetings = hard to stay awake at work
  • We're planning to spend the day at Universal Studios on Friday. I can't wait!
  • On that note, what are some unusual things you're likely to see at a theme park that make you chuckle? Examples: someone wearing a Disney shirt while at Universal studios; someone wearing high heels; family dressed in matching outfits

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