Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trying New Things

You should never try anything new on race day, but training runs are fair game for experimentation. I tried a few new things during today's 6 mile run, my last long(ish) run before the Space Coast Half Marathon next Sunday -- for which I finally registered today.

  • I tried a new(ish) 6-mile route. I usually snake through the neighborhoods in downtown Orlando, or go north to run around Park Lake and Lake Highland, but I didn't feel like crossing Colonial for a 3 mile loop. So I just ran down Livingston and then down the bike path to and around Lake Underhill. I had run this route as part of a 10 mile run before, but it was nice to have an out and back for a 6 mile run.
  • The weather was perfect when I started around 8 am, cool but not too cold, so I wore my race ready running skirt (with 5 mesh pockets in the back) for the first time. It's a little short for my liking, but the shorts stay put. I probably would not wear it for a marathon, but it'll be great for shorter races and training runs. I love that it is black with a bright yellow stripe to make for a fun and colorful outfit (pictured above).
  • One of my toe nails keeps digging into the adjacent toe cutting it and causing it to bleed during long races, so I got some toe caps to help with the problem. They are made of silicone and really comfortable. I wore them today, even though I didn't think I'd need them, to see how they'd feel and I didn't even notice they were there for most of the run. 
  • I usually like GU Gels during my long runs because of their flavors and consistency. I've tried PowerBar Gels before but they are too runny for my taste. I had some samples of Cliff Shot Gels that I wanted to try because they are made with only a few ingredients that I can mostly pronounce/recognize, and are organic. I tried the Razz flavor; it tasted good and had a good consistency. I still plan to use GU for next weekend's race because that's what they'll be offering on the course and I have a supply of Chocolate Mint that I need to consume before I go buying more stuff, but I plan to buy Cliff Shot Blocks and Gels when those are gone. 

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