Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lazy Saturday

In continuing with my lazy Saturday, it's time for another bullet post:

  • I've not been very productive today. 
  • I slept in and awoke around 7:30 am.
  • While Jason ran, I ate breakfast, and watched an episode of Just Desserts
  • We slowly got ready to go for a bike ride. The weather was perfect, if a little cool at first, for a cargo ride to the Winter Park Harvest Festival. 
    • We covered just over 13 miles at a leisurely pace. 
    • We bough some local produce and cheese.
    • I was saddened my favorite local bread supplier sold out of my favorite multi-grain bread.
  • After riding home through quiet neighborhood streets, we changed and went to see the latest Harry Potter movie
  • We followed the movie with yummy FroYo by the ounce at Mochi. 
  • We've spent the rest of the evening watching tv and making homemade granola. Yum! 
  • Tomorrow I shall be more productive with a 6 mile run and laundry. 

Here's a photo of our lovely group after we arrived at Winter Park with our cargo bikes. So much fun!

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