Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Running, Tooth, Weight

1) I ran 2.5 in 30 minutes yesterday and it felt pretty good. The soreness is gone, and only a little tiredness remains, but I was able to push through and run without any walk breaks at a pace faster than I expected. I know I have more speed in me that needs to resurfaced, but after everything I've been through I'm making peace with coming back slowly.

2) I went back to the dentist today because the tooth still hurts. The x-rays didn't show any complications, so he fixed the sealant on the temporary crown and my bite and said to give it a few days. It's normal to feel some pain because of all he had to do in there, but it shouldn't be more than a low dull ache. If it persists or gets worse, it is possible I'll still need a root canal. I'm hoping that's not the case, but part of me just wants to just to be done with this.

3) I put on a few pounds during the two weeks I was sick because most days I lived off crackers and chocolate. Jason was sick too, so most of our meals were at restaurants or frozen pizza. Combine that with the lack of exercise, and when I weighed myself on Monday after the half marathon I was at 132; I haven't seen that number in a while. I knew it was temporary and a lot of water weight since I was so sore, but I wanted to get back on track. Exercise is coming slowly, but after just 3 days of eating real food, avoiding processed foods and artificial sugar, I've already lost most of that water weight and I'm happily under 129 today. My goal is always to be under 125, but my body doesn't seem to like that unless I really stay off this stuff for good. Since life is too short to give up chocolate and bread forever, I settle for remaining under 130 most of the time. We'll see what happens after a month of this.

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