Wednesday, November 17, 2010

UCF Green Expo

Today was the UCF Green Expo, so Jason and I took the day off from work to promote the Central Florida Bike Bus. We rode to UCF via the trail because Jason was carrying our display board tied to his bike (see photo) and we didn't want to risk it flying off and onto oncoming traffic on University Blvd. It has been a while since we last rode to work on the trail, and we quickly remembered why we prefer to ride on the road, but it was a nice leisurely ride with great weather.

We had a great time hanging out at the Expo with the usual suspects -- Cycling Savvy, reThink, Bike/Walk Central Florida, and Spokes Council -- and educating students about bike safety. I even managed to get in a short run during lunch and then we took a short ride around UCF. I rode over 32 miles today and ran 2 miles. It felt great to be active again since I've been nursing a tender hamstring the past few days and have been limited to walking.

Oh, and I just ordered another running skirt from Skirt Sports! Yay! :) They have their limited edition skirts on sale for 50% off, so check them out if you like running in a skirt.

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