Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today's run/walk went great. I really love doing this in the mornings. I hope I can get up early enough on Monday to do it before work. I actually finished the first mile in under 14 minutes, but I did not keep up that pace for the 2nd mile because I was done with the program and walking before starting a few extra intervals. Next time I will just walk 5 minutes between restarting instead of almost 10. I really focused on my breathing and that helped immensely as I had no side stitches today. The 3 minute runs did not seem that long and I probably could have done a few more intervals, but I did not want to overdue it.

I bought some new bike shorts at Target yesterday and they are amazing. They are seamless and I barely feel they are there. I didn't want to take them off when I was done. It seems I may have pulled a muscle behind my left knee because it feels a little tender, but hopefully it will go away by Monday so I am not derailed from the program. I really cannot wait to start week 4 and get one step closer to being able to run a whole mile straight.

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