Thursday, April 24, 2008

8.7 mile bike ride to Waterford

I rode my bike to Waterford Lakes to pick up my glasses today. I can definitely feel that I am more fit now, because I remember having a horrible time the last time that I rode 2 miles to work, but this was not too bad. The roundtrip was a total of 8.7 mile, and although it wasn't a piece of cake, it was totally doable.

Again, controlling my breathing goes a long way, drinking plenty of water, and wearing the right clothing for the weather. One nice side effect of all this outdoors exercising is that I am looking Puertorrican again :) I should probably wear some sunscreen.

I am really going to try to bike to work at least 3-4 times a week. It will give me regular exercise and I am sick of throwing all that money away on gas. Here is hoping this bike ride burnt enough calories to show a loss tomorrow--though I suspect that slice of pizza I just had negated it :( But it's all good, it's all muscle I tell ya ;)


Anonymous said...

so how do you handle showing up at work sweaty? i took a 1.6 mi. walk at lunch yesterday and decided midday exercise wasn't so smart unless there was a shower and/or change of clothes involved somewhere...

Kitzzy said...

It is usually cooler in the mornings, so I do not sweat as much; however, my back is usually drenched from carrying a backpack. I usually bring a change of clothes, or at least a shirt and bra. I also keep deodorant, a towel, and some face wipes at work.

I recently discovered that there are showers I can use on the 4th floor of P2, but I have not made use of them yet. In the education building, they have showers you can use. You just need to go to the staff gym and they'll give you the combination to the locker room.

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