Monday, April 2, 2012

Recap: March 2012

March was a great month! I collected three more PRs for my 2012 collection and got two steps closer to being a certified running coach. I'm also getting in more cross training while running is in maintenance. April should be just as awesome. And now the numbers and related commentary ...

Stats & Goals Progress (25%)
  • Run: 95 miles; 270 / 1000 (27%) - So close to 100 is awesome! Shorter runs and lots of races means speedier average pace.
    • 18 hours
    • 11:23 avg pace
  • Walk: 60 miles; 197 / 500 (39%) - I'm loving all the extra walking so much that yesterday I started the "Wonderful Walks" track on Daily Challenge. 
  • Bike: 39 miles; 6 days; 16 / 52 (31%) - I'm starting to find the joy of cycling again! I'm even contemplating another duathlon, but I just don't think I can fit it into my schedule :( Does anyone know of a nearby duathlon on a Sunday?
  • Yoga: 13 sessions; 4.2 hours; 20 / 120 (17%) - I need to pick this up a bit, but I seemed to have burned out a bit form doing it daily and was giving my body the extra sleep it was craving. I'm all set now and back to my early morning routine, but adding Fitdeck workouts for core/strength to the routine means I'll have to do a bit less yoga. But I am in maintenance mode for running until June, so I want to take advantage of that to start a routine before the milage starts piling up again. 
  • Drove: 742 miles; 2002 / 6500 (31%) - Drove more than planned again, but 360 miles of this was our trip to Sarasota for coaching class and the half marathon. Without that, we drove less than 400 miles, so that's not bad. I fear April won't be much better since Jason has his first tri of the season coming up at the end of April in St Pete, but then things should settle down a bit with travel.
  • Dinning Out: 11x; $73 / $80; restaurants: $63 / $65; snacks/sweets: $10 / $15 - I'm pleased with these results, specially since that included a 3 day weekend away from home (although my meals during coaching class were included) and we went to the Melting Pot for our anniversary. I'm pleased I kept the sweets in check. I'm still eating plenty, but most of them are homemade. I made my own granola bars yesterday with homemade chocolate and they are to die for. I've adjusted this budget once again. Still shooting for $80 total, but allotting more to restaurants and less to snacks/sweets.
March Accomplishments
Goals/Events for April


mizunogirl said...

So Kitzzy  when you become a certified running coach, can you coach me even though I am not a Galloway girl?  I think Galloway is awesome, but it isn't yet for me....and I do know lots of Galloway runners who have qualified for Boston etc,but so far, I like taking my walk breaks in a less structured way!   Congrats on a very productive March!!!  I do need a coach, since mine apparently is a very sensitive idiot!

Kitzzy said...

I'm practically certified already since I passed the test, but technically I am waiting for the first aid certificate to come in before it is official.
I'm not limited to coaching Galloway. The run/walk method helps me get through the runs and hit my pace, but the program can work without that. Jason followed a similar training plan with me without doing the run/walk method for his first marathon with great success. He finally caved this year and used walk breaks for his last few long runs and his last full and half marathons and PRed big. But I wouldn't push it on someone if it's not what they want; coaching is about finding out what works best for the athlete. 

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