Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12athon

It's the 12th of the month, so that means it's time for the Virtual 12athon Challenge (run/walk 12 miles on the 12 of every month). Since I'm running the Corporate 5K tonight, and a half marathon this Saturday, I had to pull a Rosie Ruiz today. Here's the description of the challenge:
Rosie Ruiz (may not be combined with other challenges): The cheating element! Cut your run short by riding some form of motorized or nonmotorized transportation midway. You cannot be the operator of that vehicle. Must run at least one mile at both the beginning and the end, minimum total of 8 miles varsity, 4 miles JV. 12 POINTS. 4 more points for using public transportation. 
Bus Pass
I completed this in 3 parts:

  • Part 1:I met 2 from my running group this morning for an easy 3 miles @ 12:16 pace with 2/1 intervals. I slept until the last possible moment, and since we were running easy I didn't bother with a warm up. It was a nice relaxing run, and thankfully the humidity wasn't suffocating and we could enjoy the cool breeze in the air. 
  • Part 2: After a shower and breakfast, I walked almost a mile to the bus stop, rode the bus to work for an hour, then walked the long way to my office to ensure it was a full mile. 
  • Part 3: The Corporate 5K race, for which I'll write a full race report tomorrow, was the final 3 to finish the 8 miles. The race went better than expected. It was not a 5K PR, because it's too hot and crowded for that, but I did have a course PR by 2 minutes! 
  • Total: With walking to/from the race start I covered at least 10 miles and racked up 28 points (12 + Rosie Ruiz 12 + Public Transit 4). Great start to the 2nd Quarter! 

Below is my photographic evidence; I only have screenshots for the 3 segments making up the 8 miles because I didn't track the walk to/from the race start on my phone, but this is enough to document the Rosie Ruiz Challenge.
Morning Run = 3 milesWalk to/from Bus = 2 milesCorporate 5K = 3.1 miles

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