Saturday, April 14, 2012

Race Report: LBLO Half

Sole Mates Running Group
The Left Behind/Left Over Half Marathon this morning was #15 and the 6th in 6 months, so I'm now a level 2 Half Fanatic. This was a great fun run race with friends, followed by a yummy potluck and free leftover swag from Track Shack. This year's entrance fee and raffle donations went towards the medical fund of a fellow runner. This great cause, plus the earlier date with slightly cooler weather, resulted in a pretty big turnout. Since I knew it would be warm, and my legs were fatigue from running hills on Tuesday and the 5k race on Thursday, my main goal was to put forth a comfortably hard effort for a sub-2:30 finish without destroying my legs completely because I'm also racing the next two Saturdays. 

I ran with 2/1 intervals through mile 11, then switched to 5/1 for the last 2 miles because it was easier to run a tad slower at a steady pace for longer than running faster for 2 minutes. I'm very please with the results. This certainly was not an all out effort, but I kept up with the boys and maintained a pretty good clip to meet my goal. It warmed up quickly, but I kept up my energy by eating and drinking water every 2 miles once again, and I also took endurolyte pills. Despite fatigue and achy legs towards the end, I finished really strong and had an absolute blast. Along with some yummy post-race food, I walked away with two tech shirts and lots of laughs.

  • 13.16 miles in 2:27:48 @ 11:14 (includes water stops)
  • mile splits:
  • half splits: 11:19 - 10:45
  • quarter splits: 11:19 - 11:20 - 11:01 - 10:29
  • active time only: 2:25:39 @11:02 pace

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