Friday, April 13, 2012

Race Report: Corporate 5K 2012

I got a ride home from a coworker and we hung around my apartment until the rest of the team arrived. It's always fun catching up with everyone outside of work and posing for silly photos. About 1 hour before the start, we walked about a mile to the starting corrals to hurry up and wait. Despite there being about 14,000 people, I spotted several people I know in the crowd. That always amazes me. We were towards the front, but it still took us over 5-7 minutes to cross the starting line and I saved every ounce of energy until then when I finally started running. It was pretty crowded, but I was still able to maneuver pretty well. The wind made it feel cool while we stood around, but I warmed up quickly once I was moving. I chose not to do intervals and instead ran most of the way except for 30s at mile markers 1 & 2 and the 2 water stops.

That strategy worked pretty well and earned me a course PR from last year's time by 2 minutes and  about a minute slower than my 5K PR. I'll take it! However, I think I'll stick to 4:1 for the 5K in two weeks, at least to start. I was battling a small side stitch most of the way, but was able to focus on my breathing and not let it affect me too much. I wasn't trying to PR, but I wasn't out for a leisurely stroll either. I kept up a steady comfortably hard pace the whole time. 

The first mile sucked because I wasn't warmed up and my outfit was uncomfortable: my top kept riding up and my skirt sliding down. I finally got it positioned properly and forgot about it. I was pleased I ran the first mile in 10:30 without really trying to push the pace. Mile two went much better, probably because I had 2 short walk breaks, a shot block and some water. Despite the two walk breaks, I ran it 30s faster than the first. The third mile was about the same, with 2 short walk breaks, and I was able to hold the pace I managed during mile 2 and even speed up a few seconds. I was in the groove now and this mile felt great. As I neared the finish line, I kicked it up another gear for the final tenth and finished strong in 31:38.  Splits (from watch): 10:36 - 10:05 - 9:56 - :58. Runmeter Splits:

I still hate 5Ks, but I'm bringing it for a sub-30 at Run for the Trees in 2 weeks. We had 20 registered this year, and 13 were able to attend and complete the 5K! We're already plotting for next year :)


KLETCO said...

it seems like you just ran this race!

I am uncertain about Disney 2013. I might be on the fence about it for a while. I'm totally bummed that they are not doing a relay again this year :( If I do anything, I'll likely do the half, I just don't see myself training for a full again just yet. It's a shame, though, because I think there's a special medal this year for the full. You're going to love Goofy.

Kitzzy said...

Yes, this is the 20th anniversary for the full, so they should have a special medal. I heard they are not doing the relay this year to allow more people to run the full marathon because of the anniversary, but that it should be back next year.

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