Monday, April 16, 2012

Recap: Week 15 2012

Wow, I ran and walked a lot last week! With a hill workout, a 5K race, a half marathon, and a ton of walking, it is no wonder that I'm feeling a little beat up this week. I also didn't do much yoga to counter pushing my body that hard. Other than daily planks, running and walking was the focus. I have a 12k race this Saturday, so I am taking it easier this week to go into that with fresh legs. I'm focusing on taper and recovery this week, so rest is the priority. I'll probably only run once before Saturday's race to stay limber while allowing for enough rest in between.

Week 15: April 9 - 15
  • ran 29 miles (6.5 miles with hills, 12athon, 5K race, half marathon) 
  • walked 23 miles 
  • plank a day 
  • no bike 
  • 8m yoga 
Goals for Week 16
  • REST! 
  • yoga, if my body doesn't want more rest 
  • plank a day 
  • 12K PR 

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