Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

This will probably not be a regular feature, but I'm giving it a try today since I have things to say :)
  1. I've had 2 great swim workouts this week, and I'm finally getting the hang of bilateral breathing. I can only do it for 1 lap (50 yds) at a time and then I need a break, but that's progress! I also need to use a pull buoy or I get too tired/out of breath after one length, but that's ok. I'm focusing on building muscle memory for now and will work on doing it without the pull buoy later.
  2. Tonight is the Corporate 5K, and I'm really excited! We have 34 people in our team and most will be coming over to my place for a post-race potluck. For many of them, this will be their first 5k race, and that is super exciting! I plan to take a deluge of photos before, during, and after to document this milestone for them, and Jason will be running with the helmet cam again :)
  3. Because of a busy week of getting everything ready for the Corporate 5K tonight and Relay for Life tomorrow, we've not been able to bike to work this week. However, I managed to get in a 1 hour yoga workout yesterday that included abs and upper body strength. I really need to revise my training schedule and find time for core and upper body strength training at least once a week -- ideally twice.
So that's all for this quickie post. I hope to post a race report tonight or tomorrow morning with lots of photos and videos. Go team Online@UCF!


Kim said...

Good luck on your race!

Morgan said...

Good luck tonight! I will be cheering everyone on in front of Shari Sushi/City Fish area! You are going to great!!! :)

P.S. 3 Things Thursday is great for those weeks when you don't have anything to dedicate a whole post to during the week but have a few things to say. Sometimes I think I might not post at all otherwise! LOL!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Running Diva Mom said...

Just found you! Looks like you have a lot going on this weekend -- lots of fun workouts! Enjoy!

Kitzzy said...

Thanks everyone! The race was a blast!

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