Saturday, April 24, 2010

Race Report: Run for the Trees 5K

It's been a very busy day, and I am exhausted, but I didn't want to put off writing this race report or it may never happen. In the span of 3 hours this morning, I biked 13 miles, set a 5K PR, and walked about 2 miles. I then had breakfast, took a 20 minute nap, swam for 1 hour (last lesson), and walked around lake Eola for a bit at Central Florida Earth Day. Oh yeah, and I made vegetable stock and german chocolate brownies. Quite frankly, I have no idea how I'm still awake. But let's back up and take it from the top.


I woke up at 5:30 am before my alarm. I was a bit anxious about today's race. I got ready and had a bit to eat, then decided to make sure my Garmin was fully charged and download the latest workouts. I put it on the charger and it beeped like it just turned on. So I turn it off (I think, we are living in the dark here) and it never turned on again. I was freaking out because I needed it for the intervals and to monitor my pace, but more than anything it just seemed like a bad omen to start the morning. Since Jason isn't as obsessed with data as I am, he let me use his watch and all was right with the world again. I still was trying to get mine to start because I have it set just how I like it, but I had to let it go and focus on the task at hand. Around 6:45 am, we left the house and biked 6.5 miles to the start. We meant to leave earlier, but made it there with 10 minutes to spare, locked up our bikes, and walked the 1/4 mile or so to the start.

The Race

Run for the Trees 5k 2010I started somewhere in the middle of the pack and tried to pace myself well. My legs felt a bit tired from the bike ride, especially the calves, but I pushed through it and let myself take it easy for the first interval while I got into the running groove. I walked 1 minute for every 3 minutes, but really pushed it during each run segment. 

The first 3 minutes was at 10:52 pace, but every other run interval was under 10 min/mile. I was even impressed at how fast I was walking, around 13-14 min/mile. I gave it all I had and was rewarded with perfect negative splits -- 10:20 - 10:16 - 10:00 - 8:50 (.18 in 1:34) -- and a new PR by 1 minute and 2 seconds from last year's race. I'm also pleased that I placed in the top half overall, and even better in my age group and gender (see full stats below).

With a little speed work, I'm sure I could run my coveted 31 minute 5K soon, and under 30 minutes before the year is over. However, all the long distance training I'll be doing starting in June for the 3 upcoming marathons and the 50K ultra may limit my speed and how many 5Ks I can do this year.

  • garmin = 3.18 in 32:13 (10:08) 
  • clock = 32:40 
  • chip = 32:10 (10:21) 
  • overall = 484 / 969 (top 50%) 
  • ag = 37 / 97 (top 38%) 
  • gender = 230 / 594 (top 39%)
Post Race

I crossed the finish line spent, although I somehow I felt I could have pushed harder, but I know I gave it all I had. Jason had finished over 10 minutes earlier, I quickly spotted his bright red shirt cheering me on across the finish line. While I walked to get water, Mike finished about a minute behind me. He did great for his 2nd 5k and we were leap frogging for most of the race (he ran the whole thing, while I ran/walked). We waited for Jessica to finish, then walked back to the start with Marcus and Cheryl. I also got to meet Morgan from CAUTION: Redhead Running and some other local running bloggers. I love our running blogging community!

After we got our trees and smoothie samples, we biked back home. The ride home was a bit harder because our legs were tired (we had both ran our fastest) and we of course had a headwind. We were starving, so made some breakfast, and I debated skipping my swim lesson because I was so tired. I am glad I took a quick 20 minute nap and went to the lesson because I made some progress on my breast stroke and learned the beginnings of side stroke. 

I'd like to find another 5K to do soon, and hope to do a tri in June, but marathon training will begin before I know it. I'm really looking forward to it and incorporating some speed work. This is going to be one crazy year! =)


The Green Girl said...

Wow! Look at those splits! I am so proud of you, girl! Whoo hoo!

Congratulations on your PR.

Robin said...


Great to meet you yesterday! Always fun to meet another blogger and a local runner. :) Congrats on your new PR at yesterday's 5K! Enjoyed reading through your blog a bit this morning... have been in bed sick since leaving yesterday's race. Was fighting a nasty cold. Race didn't help. :( Oh well. Was fun to meet everybody! And the Redhead is awesome, isn't she?

I looked at your Orlando Groups tab, too. I run by myself, but have been thinking about running a little with others - kind of my goal for 2010. "Learn to run with others" - ha ha! and appreciated finding the info in one place.

Here's another source you might want to check out for the Events section: FLRUNNING.COM, which is the online component for Florida Running & Triathlon, a magazine that covers the state of FL. Great resource and I write for them as well. They also include an entire section on runners' stats, something I think you'd like. I can tell you are a 'data runner.' :)

Great to meet you! And thanks for stopping by the Turtles Blog!

Robin/The Orlando Turtle Runner

Harold said...

Congrats on the 5K PR! I was one of the people with Morgan and we briefly met.....always fun meeting other runners :)

Kitzzy said...

Mary, Thanks! I'm excited and need to find another 5K to try to get closer to 30 :)

Robin, it was great meeting you too. I wish I could have stayed for more than a quick hello, but I'm sure we'll meet again. I was telling Morgan we need a runner blogger meetup! Thanks for the link; I added it that page.

Harold, Thanks! Yeah, I love reading running blogs, but it's even more fun when they are local and you know the places/races they are blogging about :)

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