Monday, April 26, 2010

MBE: My Blog

Monday Brain Exchange (MBE) is sponsored by Jill, who blogs at  Finishing Is Winning. This week's topic is Your Blog.

Question: Do your family and friends know about your blog? If so, what do they think of it? If not, why haven’t you told them?

I am an open book and this is a public blog, so yeah they know about it. I have the link to it on facebook and twitter, and every post gets syndicated there. My mom has mentioned reading my blog, and some friends comment on it either here or via facebook.  My boyfriend never comments, but he tells me he reads it via rss (or at least skims it because I tell him what I blog about anyway so it's redundant to him -- at least, that's the story he's sticking with).

Before I started this blog, I had a blog on livejournal. That one was and still is private, but I rarely post to it anymore. I do read some communities there, and it was an invaluable resource when I was completing the c25k program. When I embarked on my lifestyle change to lose weight and become a runner, I began this blog to document the entire process publicly. I think making the process transparent helped keep me accountable, and inspired others to embark in their own similar journey. Inspiring others is one of the biggest motivations for me to keep going.

I love documenting my training as I set higher and higher goals, as well as recapping all my races so I have a historical account of how far I've come. While I always hoped I'd have readers follow along, I blog more for me because I love having the data to look back on. I am thrilled to have met so many wonderful people through this blog, both online and in person. So if you are out there lurking, come on out and say hi! :)

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