Saturday, April 10, 2010

6.5 Miles Non Stop in 1:18

I set out to run 10K without walking this morning (another item in my 101 things list), and I ran 6.5 non-stop miles in 1:18 @ a 12:02 min/mile pace! The most I've ever run without a walk break before was 5 miles.  I am in awe because I figured that at best I would average 13. When I finished the first mile in 12:36, I feared I had started out too fast, but the pace felt comfortable. I tried to slow down, but that's the pace my body wanted to run; anything slower actually felt a little awkward. I was sure I'd lose steam towards the end, so imagine my surprise when I kept seeing my average pace go down!

  • mile 1 = 12:36
  • mile 2 = 12:15
  • mile 3 = 12:16
  • mile 4 = 12:17
  • mile 5 = 12:06
  • mile 6 = 11:30
  • mile 6.5 = 5:15 (10:26)
And to think that this run almost did not happen. I was having tummy issues so I was going to postpone until tomorrow. But Jason urged me on, so I took a pepto and gave it a try staying close to home for the first few miles just in case. I felt great, and the weather was perfect, so I kept going. I wore my fuel belt to sip on water throughout and took a gel at mile 3.  I was feeling really good towards the end and speeding up, so I instead of 10K I kept going for an even 6.5 miles. I probably could have ran 7 miles, but I didn't want to push it since I felt twinges here and there.

After the run, I ate some breakfast and ran some errands, then I went to my 2nd swim lesson at the Y. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of bilateral breathing, and began learning the proper way to do the breast stroke. You can read more details about the swim at dailymile.


Anonymous said...

Very cool!! Every new milestone is a milestone! And you are getting faster!! When slower paces seem ackward go with what you feel good with!!!!

Anonymous said...

The body is an amazing instrument. Once you train your body to do something, it adapts like a well oiled machine. Way to go! Feel better.

Kitzzy said...

Thanks gals! I am constantly amazed and pleasantly surprised at what my body can do.

My boyfriend has always been faster than me, but before he wasn't as fast and could slow down to run with me from time to time. Now he is way too fast and he commented that it's not comfortable to run that slow. I now get it! :)

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