Thursday, June 4, 2009

TIART: Relays, Ultras, and Tris

This week's topic for Take It and Run Thursday at the Runner's Lounge Blog is Relays, Ultras, and Tris - Oh My!

It absolutely amazes me that I am even taking part in this topic when a little over a year ago I thought I'd never run a mile. Now I can run 3 miles in a row, or 13 with some walking breaks. Likewise with biking: I remember when 2 miles seemed like hell, and now I regularly ride 15+ miles with little trouble (damn you headwinds!). Now swimming, that is a whole other story, but I'll get there eventually.

When I started running, I found that biking was a great way to cross train and keep knee pain at bay. Now that I commute 15 miles each way to work 1-2 times a week, I figured I should put all that biking to some good use and venture into the world of multisport events. I've signed up for my first Sprint Duathlon on June 28 at Baldwin Park. I am excited, and a little terrified, but I know I can do this. The distances, 5K run - 13.4 mile bike - 2.5 mile run, are all distances I know I can complete. It is just a matter of how fast, but my main goal is just to finish.

Jason completed his first triathlon in March and I think it has really changed him (for the better). Now he wants to do an olympic and eventually a Half Ironman. Doing these 3 sports regularly is a great way to stay fit, and I want to train for one even if only for that benefit. I am not a strong swimmer (I can't even swim with my head in the water), and I am terrified of open water, but I really want to give this a try. So I found the perfect first triathlon for me and registered. On August 8th, I will compete in the Faces of Courage Reverse Sprint Triathlon: 5k run - 10.5 mile bike - 200 yards swim.

I was going to run the Gasparilla Marathon Relay with mom, dad, and Jason this year, but it sold out before we were able to register. It was for the best as the weather that day was awful, but it was disappointing since we were all really looking forward to doing this as a family. We'll try again in 2010, but I now also have my sights set on the Ragnar Relay. This one is a bit more ambitious than a marathon relay and I need a 12-person team, but I've had lots of interest and plan to put a team together for the Miami to Key West Relay in February once the info is up on the site. I think it will be an incredible challenge and great way to bond with some fellow runners.

Who knew that my little journey a year ago to get healthy and lose some weight would lead to all this? I am excited and eager to see what's beyond the next turn in my journey :)


Lisa said...

Found you from Runners Lounge. Congrats on all your achievements! I'm doing my first du this month too. It's tempting to consider a tri, but I would definitely need swimming lessons first.

I'm also thinking about biking to work occasionally. It's not as far as you - about 6 or 7 miles - but I still haven't worked out the logistics yet. Do you bike in your work clothes?

Kitzzy said...


I bike to work in cycling clothes and I am lucky to be able to shower when I get there. I leave a towel and toiletries at work, and try to bring a change of clothes/lunch/etc the day before but sometimes just carry it with me on the bike in a backpack. If you don't have access to a shower, face wipes, deodorant and a change of clothes works too.

Good luck!

merrymishaps said...

Wow, you're doing great!

I did my first triathlon last year, and found a lap swimming class with a tri focus that really helped. I hadn't swam laps since junior high, and could only breathe from one side freestyle.

Thanks to that class, I can barely remember which side I favored. The instructor was really helpful. Our county pool offers adult lessons, too. I'm sure you can find something near you. A few lessons and you'll be swimming properly in no time!

I have my sights on a relay, too. We're looking at Ragnar in DC since it'd be local, but Miami to Key West sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I have always said they should make a reverse triathlon AND THERE IS ONE??? I want to do it! :)

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